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Tru Vue Stereoscope 3D Viewer and 3D Picture Cards c1950

Tru Vue Stereoscope 3D Viewer Terrific vintage Tru-Vue Stereoscope 3D Card Viewer and Picture Cards c.1950 – Awesome old original 3d viewer with 3 cards circa 1950. The three included 3d stereoscope picture cards are – Hansel and Gretel F-7, Kitten Capers K-1, Ramar of the Jungle and the Blue Fire T-9. This collection consists […]

Polaroid 101 Land Camera Kit

This highly collectible camera kit includes the famous Polaroid 101 Land Camera made from 1964 to 1967 with a Black Front Cover and Neck Strap all in good condition. Includes: Black Leather Case in fair age specific condition, Original Flash Attachment good condition untested, Flashbulbs 12 pack un-used, Empty Film Cartridge, and the Original Operators […]

Film Cameras and Projectors

Film Projector

8mm Projectors, 35mm Film Cameras, Apollo Collectibles Argus M 750 8mm Film Projector US$62.45 Sears Du All Eight Film Projector US$77.45 Baia Super 8 Film Reviewer US$32.45 Couple of Lucky Trolls US$17.45 Space Shuttle Enterprise First Free Flight Photos US$9.55 Apollo Lunar Mission Launch Pictures US$8.45 Vintage Argus Seventy Five Film Camera 1950s Collectible US$27.45 […]

Vintage Du Jour

Turner Microphone

Serving Vintage Du Jour Vintage Mamiya C33 TLR Medium Format Film Camera DaytonaVintage US$177.45 Vintage Cool Bell and Howell Speaker and Cabinet DaytonaVintage US$174.45 Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter DaytonaVintage US$134.45 Antique Stereo-Viewer and Cards DaytonaVintage US$97.45 Vintage Tiger Eye Silver Ring DaytonaVintage US$82.45 Keystone 2500 Film Projector DaytonaVintage US$77.45 Vintage Nikkormat FT2 35mm SLR Film […]

Vintage Valentines Gifts

Lobby Card

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Vintage Colors Slides of Egypt 1950s DaytonaVintage $14.45 USD Vintage Poker Chips from the 1950s DaytonaVintage $7.45 USD Lobby Card from the 1944 film Marine Raiders DaytonaVintage $64.45 USD Lobby Card from the 1953 film It’s A Dog’s Life DaytonaVintage $34.45 USD Super 8 Film Viewer DaytonaVintage $43.45 USD Lobby Card […]