First Life Magazine (Booklet) Vol 1 N 1 1883

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Very Unusual, Rare and Antique  Life Booklet Volume 1 Number 1 Vintage January 4,1883

1st Issue of Life Magazine
1st Issue of Life Magazine

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Not only vintage..ANTIQUE..1883..yes you read that right 1883 Life Booklet. Printed and distributed January 4 1883. Volume 1 Number 1. A fantastic find with super fantastic graphics. The words are in about a font 2 so get out your magnifying glasses.

J.A. Mitchell and Edward S. Martin produced this really unique 12 page booklet with old ads, little stories, cartoons, and more.  Measures: 4 1/2 ” by 3 1/2″

Condition is excellent, no tears, one bend mark on front cover. Some browning of pages and very slight rust marks left by the staples at the spine.  127 Years Old

12 Replies to “First Life Magazine (Booklet) Vol 1 N 1 1883”

  1. I have this issue from my mothers scrapbook. Would like to know what your issue sold for as I might like to part with mine. My issue is in the same condition as yours. (Eerie when you compare my magazine to your description). Looking forward to your reply. Thank you for your time, Susan

  2. Susan, thanks for the comment – I emailed the answer to you – and thanks for visiting our site

  3. I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  4. Dear Friends,I also have a copy of this LIFE booklet that I inherited. Would you please be kind enough to share the sale price so that I can value and insure my accordingly?
    Thank you… Your website is superb!

  5. would you please email me what the item sold for? as i am holding one in my hand. thanks a bunch

  6. Hi,
    My daughter recently bought one of these LIFE booklets at a yard sale. Can you tell me how to verify that it was published in 1883 and not a reprint that was published later as I read on another site?
    Thank you, Sandy

  7. I also have Volume 1 Number 1 January 4, 1883. Original staples are also included. Wisdom Let Loose. If all flesh is grass, was Adam the fodder of mankind? As the donkey told it Page 12.

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