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Frederick Post 1446 Sun Hemmi Slide Rule

Antique Post Sun Hemmi Simplex Slide Rule
This awesome Frederick Post 1446 Sun Hemmi is a closed simplex slide rule was made in Occupied Japan around 1936, constructed from Bamboo. The Front Scale A [ B, C ] D, K – Back Scale [ S, L, T ], the back of the body has a conversion Chart. The slide rule is in good condition as shown, there is no plastic cursor and has been priced accordingly. Includes the original box in fair condition. This old relic ruler is used, sold as a collectible and sold as is. Measures 11 x 1 inches approximately.  $40.45

Slide Rule Circa 1970

Slide Rule Circa 1970 Made in USA
This vintage wood slide rule is most likely from the 70s. It has numbers on both sides of the slide, the back of the slide body has a chart with equivalents and settings, inside the body is a table of decimal equivalents. The ruler measures 10 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches approximately. The only makers mark is “Made in the USA” in red letters. This engineering relic is in good age specific condition, includes the original case in fair condition, is used, sold as a collectible and sold as is.  $38.45

Helinox Trieder Binocle DRP 6x Binoculars

Antique Helinox Trieder Binocle DRP 6x CF Goerz Berlin Binoculars
An awesome antique set of Helinox binoculars, made in Berlin around 1911. They are in good used age specific condition, however, the right eyepiece has broken off and is just sitting on top of the set in the picture and has been priced accordingly. The included original leather case is a find in itself and is in good condition. These cool relics are sold as collectible and sold as is.  $83.45

Pickett and Eckel Model 2 Slide Rule 1947

Pickett and Eckel Model 2 Deci Log Log Slide Rule Circa 1947
This is the famous R.C. Pickett, A.F. Eckel DECI Log Log slide rule Model 2. One side of the slide shows a copyright of 1945 and the other side of the slide has a copyright date of 1947. This hard to find antique slide rule is in good condition with a few blemishes on one corner (as pictured). The included original Pickett and Eckel Inc case has a slight tear on the back of the flap. This awesome slide rule is sold as a collectible and sold as is.  $78.45

Upson Train Board Advert Display

Upson Train Board Advertising Display Automated Crossing Arm
Upson Board apparently was a board used by model train enthusiasts during the 1950s. This unique train crossing advertising display is a very rare piece, the arm went up and down when plugged in and we let it run for a couple of minutes. This collectors piece is in good age specific condition, is used, sold as a collectible and sold as is. Measures 10 x 28 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches.  Has an electric motor that plugs in then the arm goes up and down continuously, likely used to draw attention to the Upson Board sold in hobby shops. $294.45

Here is our YouTube Video of this cool train board display

Old Sawyers View-Master Set Circa 1940s

Sawyers View-Master Set with 4 Slides, Original Box and Brochure
This old Sawyers View-Master Model C was made around the late 1940s. The view-master, 4 slides are in good condition, the box is in fair condition, we viewed all the slides with this view-master. The top of the box sides have split. Also included is the original brochure in fair condition. This used Sawyers view-master, slide and box are sold as collectibles and sold as is. The included slides are – 29 Grand Canyon, 234 Cave of the Winds Colorado, 227 Mesa Verde National Park Colorado, 236 The Million Dollar Highway Colorado. $68.45

Pickett Microline 120 Yellow Slide Rule

Pickett Microline 120 Yellow Slide Rule Circa 1970s
This vintage cool Yellow Plastic Pickett Microline 120 Slide Rule was made in Santa Barbara, CA USA around 1970 and is the 1.9 inch wide x 12 inches long version with front scale and blank back. This used slide rule is in very good condition, is sold as a collectible and sold as is. This was one of the last models made by Pickett. Original Case included  $48.45

Pink Vintage Jewelry Chest

Vintage Pink Jewelry Chest from the 60s
Wonderful Vintage Pink Jewelry chest, made in the 60′s and in very good shape. I have never come across a jewelry box like this one. The front has 2 doors that latch closed and are trimmed with gold dots, along with a drawer at the bottom with 2 brass flowered shaped handles. Inside you will find 5 pink velvet lined drawers, all trimmed with matching gold trim. On the inside of the doors there are hooks to hold your necklaces.
Measures: 14″ by 11″ by 8″ In good used condition with very little age wear. There are 4 small indentations on the top (see pic).The brass has a nice patina, the hinges and latch are tight.There is NO key, sold as a collectible and sold as is.  $97.45

Milvay Micro-Pak Microscope Set 1947

Milvay Teaching Micro-Pak Microscope in Metal Case from 1947
Fantastic vintage 1940′s Micro-Pak microscope and supplies inside a great metal case. Painted green inside and out with all original labels. Inside you will find the microscope, a few test tubes, 2 dissecting needles – one straight and one bent, Alcohol lamp, glass slides, hand lens, additional eye piece, and complete original manual. Double doors on the front, inside there are different compartments to hold accessories. Measures: Case: 9″ by 16″ by 6″ The condition of the case is good for its age with a few bumps,  scratches and signs  of use.  Sold as a collectible and sold as is.  $87.45

Vintage Wolverine Toy Kitchen Sink

Vintage Wolverine Metal Toy Kitchen Sink Circa 1950s
Great little toy kitchen sink by Wolverine. All original parts, facet turns on and off. There is a water well on the back, and the water actually runs from the facet. Main door opens freely and closes tightly. Off white in color with bright red details. Not intended for use by children. Sold as a collectible only and sold as is. Measures: 12″ by 6″ by 11″  The condition is good with minor scratches and paint rubs. The silver finish on facet and sink have discolored with age. $76.45

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