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Minolta SLR Vintage 35mm Film Camera

35mm Film Camera

Vintage 35mm Film Camera

1970s Minolta 35mm SLR Film Camera Kit including a large assortment of lenses, adapters, even a Lowepro Slingshot travel backpack. The Minolta SR T201 was made in Japan and introduced in 1975, it is a fully mechanical camera (the battery is for metering only). The camera has shutter speeds to 1/1000th of a second, plus Bulb, and an ASA range of 6-6400. The SRT 201 also features a depth of field preview button, a hot shoe, self-timer, and a PC socket with flash sync at 1/60th of a second. The Minolta Sr T 201 is in very good condition, all knobs, levers and buttons move freely, the shutter cocks and fires, the needle for the meter reacts to light – no other testing was performed. This vintage Minolta and all accessories are used, sold as collectibles, as shown, as is. This Minolta SLR Set Up Includes: Minolta SR T 201, Original Owners Manual, Lowepro Slingshot Backpack, Minolta 50mm Lens w/ Hoya HMC UV cap inside Vivatar soft case,Minolta Auto 200x Flash (flash energizes and flashes) inside Minolta soft case,
Minolta Rokkor Tele 135mm with metal cap inside soft case, Cosina 70mm Macro caps inside hard case, Kiron 210mm Macro cap no case, Telesor Auto Tele Converter 2x for Minolta and Vivitar 2x Macro Tele-converter caps both inside soft case, Neewer Digital High Definition 0.45x super wide angle lens with macro inside Neewer soft case, Tiffen 52mm circular polarizer w/ Tiffen Digital Clear inside Tiffen velcro soft pouch, Bower Digital Macro +10 62mm inside velcro soft pouch, Bower Digital Marco +10 52mm inside velcro soft pouch, Quantaray 52mm +4 Quantaray 52mm +2 Quantaray 52mm +1 inside black leather pouch. This is a great assortment of vintage photography equipment and is sure to please on many levels.