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Retina II c

kodak retina

Kodak Retina II c Rangefinder

Kodak Retina II c Rangefinder

The Kodak Retina is a compact folding camera which pioneered the 135 version of 35mm film and was produced in 1934, it was followed by two newer models in 1936. The Retina I was essentially the same as the previous model, the Retina II was a more expensive model which included a rangefinder. The sleeker Retina Ib and Retina IIc came out in 1954 along with the Retina III c, which was basically a Retina IIc with a selenium light meter. The Retina II c offered here is in good condition with some scuffs from usage around the front plate as shown. All levers, buttons, and knobs move freely, the shutter fires – no other testing performed. This rare Kodak is sold as used, as a collectible, as is. Includes bottom half only original case in good condition. Daytona Vintage Market has a Kodak Retina II c available