Get Out the Vote Now for Stormy Monday Art

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Stormy Monday an Artist Residing in Peoria Illinois is in a contest on Facebook and in our opinion he is many brushstrokes ahead of his competition. Please click on the link below and vote for Stormy if you agree.  Vote Here

From Stormy’s Homepage

Art is the focus of   Stormy Monday’s life.  He has been painting, drawing and writing as far back as he can remember.  Born in Tennessee south of Nashville, Monday is  the oldest of six children and the only boy.  His mother is Irish and the source of Monday’s humor.  His late father was a Cherokee Native American whose love of nature and the environment lives on in Monday’s soul.

Here is his submission for the Voting:

Vote for Stormy Here

Below are examples of the fine Lithograph quality prints (titled and signed by the artist  Stormy Monday).

Download this article HERE “Get Out the Vote Now for Stormy Monday Art”

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