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Sunday Vintage Sale-a-Thon

Ford Model T Coil

Universal Food and Meat Chopper DaytonaVintage $27.45 USD Polaroid 220 Land Camera cira 1960s DaytonaVintage $28.45 USD Polaroid Colorpack II Land Camera DaytonaVintage $17.45 USD Kodak Brownie Super 27 Film Camera circa 1960s DaytonaVintage $12.45 USD GE Exposure Meter PR-1 DaytonaVintage $13.45 USD Old Marshalltown Mfg Boiler Thermometer DaytonaVintage $17.55 USD Ford Model T Coil […]

Old Doll Furniture, Betty Crocker Cookbook

Vintage Doll Furniture

Vintage Doll Furniture, Betty Crocker, Disney West Germany Manicure Set DaytonaVintage $9.95 Vintage Red and Yellow Vinyl Records DaytonaVintage $12.95   Vintage Doll House Kitchen Accessories DaytonaVintage $9.95 Vintage Doll Kitchen Set DaytonaVintage $29.95   Vintage Doll Front Room Furniture DaytonaVintage $37.95 Vintage Doll Furniture Bedroom DaytonaVintage $27.95   Ken Wardrobe Susy Goose circa 1962 […]

Vintage Vacuum Tube Radios

realistic patrolman radio

Vintage Vacuum Tube Radios, Retro Transistor Radios, AM FM SW Tuners. Brands include: Airline, All American, Edison, Grundig, Pilot-Tuner, RCA, Ward, Westinghouse, Telefunken, and Zenith. $23.45 Sony Dream Machine More Details   $38.45 Sears AM FM AFC Table-Top Radio More Details     $58.45 Motorola Clock Radio C1N 1964 More Details   $28.45 RCA Victor […]

Vintage Extravaganza Retro

RLM Studio Silver Ring Daytona Vintage

Weekend Vintage Extravaganza Retro Vintage Reductions Vintage 1970s Minolta SLR and Assorted Lenses Daytona Vintage $349.95  Kodak Retina II c Rangefinder Daytona Vintage $99.95     Duncans Masonic Ritual and Monitor Daytona Vintage $84.95  Brockway Truck Manual 1960s Daytona Vintage $79.95    Sterling Silver Robert Morris Ring DaytonaVintage $77.00 Polaroid 800 Presentation Set Vintage 1950s […]

Daytona Vintage Market

Westinghouse No 5 Flashbulbs Daytona Vintage

Market Fresh Daytona Vintage Market Westinghouse No 5 Flashbulb 6 Pack DaytonaVintage $14.95 Old Metal American Mailbox Bank DaytonaVintage $24.95   1950s 35mm Filmstrip with Metal Canister DaytonaVintage $9.95 Vintage 35mm Filmstrip with Metal Canister DaytonaVintage $9.95   Antique Sterling Silver Baby Hairbrush DaytonaVintage $59.95 Rare Camp David Matchbook DaytonaVintage $54.95   Argus Color Slide […]

Assorted Vintage Daytona

Winston AM FM Radio Headphone

Retro 8 Track Player, Old Slide Rule, and Other Assorted Vintage Daytona Vintage Vintage 1960s Shure Sonodyne II Microphone Daytona Vintage $29.95 USD   Sterling Silver RLM Cross Pendant Necklace DaytonaVintage $49.95 USD   Sterling Silver Cross Earrings DaytonaVintage $23.95 USD   Vintage 1968 Acu Math 400 Slide Rule Daytona Vintage $14.95 USD   Polaroid […]

Memorial Day Vintage

Crown Silver Flask

Happy Memorial Day Vintage Specials Crown 8 oz Hip Flask Collectible DaytonaVintage $27.95 USD   Kodak Film Canister Keyring DaytonaVintage $2.95 USD   Scottish Black Glengarry Cap DaytonaVintage $74.95 USD   Sears C 131 Vintage Super 8 Camera DaytonaVintage $24.95 USD   Spread Love Hand Stamped Vintage Flatware DaytonaVintage $8.95 USD   Spread Peace Hand […]

Vintage Vendition

gas station numbers 1 2 3

Volks Vintage Vendition International Cassette Collection India DaytonaVintage $14.95 USD   Rod McKuen Yellow Flexi Disc DaytonaVintage $14.95 USD   Emson Travel Iron Vintage 1950s DaytonaVintage $17.00 USD   Official Scout-Master Handbook 1981 DaytonaVintage $19.95 USD   Those Fabulous Fords From T to T Bird 1909 to 1960 DaytonaVintage $19.95 USD   Vintage Brown Camera […]